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The Issaquah School District believes that an effective system for improving K-12 learning requires implementation of a comprehensive assessment system. A comprehensive assessment system connects curriculum, instruction and assessment by aligning instruction to curriculum standards and by using assessments to determine students’ status and progress on these standards.

The Issaquah School District’s assessment system is designed to serve two major purposes: instructional support and educational accountability. Current research and discussions of assessment approaches have led to a distinction between these two purposes as assessment of learning and assessment for learning. This distinction among assessments is based on the function they serve. State, district, building level, and classroom assessments may be formative or summative depending on how the information is used. While it is convenient to describe the components of a comprehensive assessment system separately, the effectiveness of the system depends on the interconnections of the parts.

State and District assessment scores in Skyward Family Access

State Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) scores and elementary i-Ready scores are released in Skyward Family Access under Test Scores.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Smarter Balanced Assessment