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Report and Absence

Please report any absences by emailing Attendance , or telephoning 425-837-4157, before the school day begins.

Please include your student's name, grade level and reason for the absence in any communications. 

Early Dismissals (For In-Person Instruction)

To expedite the release process, please call 425-837-4157 or send an email to before 8:00 a.m. so that an Early Release Pass can be issued to the student. Parents/Caregivers must come in to the office for all early dismissals to sign out the student. If the student returns to school the same day, the student can sign back in upon their return.

As you are scheduling appointments for your children, which might require an early dismissal, please be aware of our daily schedule.  When you arrive on campus, we have to interrupt the classroom instructional time to call your student to the office.  It’s always best to have your student meet you in the office in between classes or at lunch to avoid any interruption during class time.  Our daily schedule is on our website for you to look at as you are scheduling appointments for your student.

District Policy on Absences

State law requires our school to closely monitor student absences and their potential impact to the academic progress of students. At times the school may call to ensure strong school support for students and their families.

To help us please consider the following: