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BLMS Builders Club No-Sew Blanket Project and Promoting Kindness

students with blanket donations

BLMS Kiwanis Builders Club members have been showing their heart to serve and call to lead as engaged members of our current and future communities. Prior to our break the students worked on a no-sew blanket project.  In just a short period of time they put together 10 blankets to donate to the Kiwanis Club of Sammamish to distribute to children in need.

Currently the students are promoting Kindness around the school and in our local community with their Kindness Chain Activity.  The members are promoting the student body to pick up a paper link in the commons, write down an act of kindness that they performed or has been performed to them.  After they return this link, they are linking them all together.  The goal is to have the Kindness Chain go all around the school!  You can never have too much Kindness in any place !  Please help promote this activity with your child and remind them to stop in the Commons to pick up a link and share their acts of kindness.

Kindness chain

The Heart to serve….. Call to Lead…. Courage to Engage………. Equals, Service Leadership