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BLMS Receives ISF Grant for CTE Equipment

ISF Grant Award Jan 2023 Christensen Aqueous Printer

Members of the ISF, PTSA, parents and school staff surprised Mr Kevin Christensen with the news today that ISF had awarded his recent grant application for an Aqueous Printer. 

Excitedly, Mr Christensen shared with his class that "this printer will allow Digital Photography students at BLMS to print their finished artwork on to canvas, which we plan to display around the school. Also we will be able to print colored vinyl on T-Shirts which will be amazing! I am so pleased the Issaquah Schools Foundation are supporting this!"

As well as expanding his Woodshop elective courses at BLMS, Kevin has been inspired to offer many new CTE courses for students looking to create, explore and develop their modern technical & artistic interests. 

Incoming 5th grade students will be able to sample some of the courses at the upcoming Elective Open House on February 15, 2023.