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Kiwanis Builders Club Promotes Kindness

kindness chain at BLMS

As we continue to focus on creating a culture of kindness at Beaver Lake Middle School and our community, we are excited to share some of the Kindness  acts that are being submitted as part of our chain around the school.  Our students are showing how important it is to be kind to others.

To have the greatest impact on our students, we want to engage families to join this Kindness Chain activity and work together with your child at home.  If your child performs an act of kindness at home, remind them to fill out a link in the Commons to add  to our Kindness Chain!  Thanks for your support and collaboration in creating a culture of kindness and compassion in our school community! 


Some Act of Kindness that have been taking place…….

  •  I made sure to show respect to another student at school today
  • I gave a compliment to a teacher
  • Held the door for some students
  • Helped a new student around school today
  • I invited a students to sit with us at lunch 

We are proud of all our Bulldogs in showing what it means to spread Kindness!