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Teacher, Students Collaborate on 3D Printer Project

Teacher, Students Collaborate on 3D Printer Project

A project several years in the making – primarily due to the COVID pandemic – was completed recently at Beaver Lake Middle School thanks to a lucky teacher and skilled students.

Before the pandemic, BLMS teacher-librarian Karen Kline won a 3D printer from School Library Journal at an online event for librarians and authors. However, when the printer arrived, it wasn’t easy to get set up. Several staff members and a number of students tried to help, to no avail, Kline said.

But then, eighth-grader Justice M. asked if he could give it a try.

“He assembled some necessary add-ons like a card reader and retrofitted a filament feed apparatus. He used some of the skills he was learning in STEM class at BLMS where they have another type of 3D printer,” Kline said.

“He took what he had learned there and applied it and also innovated with some pretty delicate engineering,” she added. “I am especially proud that he is working with another student who has been trying to get the printer working too, and that kind of academic teamwork is what we want to encourage and nurture in school libraries.”

Justice successfully printed his first project early this month.

“It was great to see him taking such initiative and showing a lot of persistence,” Kline said.

Congratulations, Ms. Kline, on the fun addition to the library, and great work, Justice!


Justice's first project on the 3D printer that he helped set up in the BLMS library