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Visiting Author Encourages Beaver Lake Students to Tell Their Unique Stories

screenshot of virtual author visit

During a recent virtual author presentation, writer J. Scott Savage encouraged students at Beaver Lake Middle School to use their unique talents to tell the stories only they can tell.

Savage has written 18 popular novels for kids, including books in the “Mysteries of Cove,” “Far World,” and “Case File 13” series. During the October 21 Zoom meeting with students, he discussed and shared a book trailer for his newest book, “The Lost Wonderland Diaries,” a spinoff of Lewis Carroll’s classic “Alice in Wonderland.”

The main character in Savage’s newest novel is dyslexic, so he discussed neurodiversity and famous and noteworthy neurodiverse people. He told students about his techniques for creating and writing and encouraged them tell stories of their own.

"Everyone has a story that can help others, and you are the only person who can tell your unique stories," Savage told the students.