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Extracurricular Activities, Sports and Clubs

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Additional handbook guidelines specific to Beaver Lake Middle School, created to supplement district regulations, can be found on the BLMS Supplemental Guidelines handbook page.

Extracurricular Activities, Clubs and Sports

Extracurricular Activities, Clubs and Sports

BLMS offers a broad array of extracurricular activities for students to participate in an area of interest beyond the classroom. Participation in extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, student government and other activities can provide enjoyment and at the same time teach discipline, leadership, teamwork, respect for rules and healthful living habits. Participation in extracurricular activities can extend and enhance skills learned in the classroom as well as significantly increase a student’s engagement in the school community.

All students at Beaver Lake Middle School are eligible to participate in or attend all school activities as long as they are not failing any classes, have an ASB membership and have outstanding citizenship. Information on activities can be found on the Beaver Lake website.

Middle School Student Athletic Handbook